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It is a comprehensive career assessment tool for the agegroup of 12 and above which helps discover the innate strengths and areas of improvements of an individual. It is a group of standardized psychometric assessments specially designed to measure aptitude, along with preferential learning style in order to identify academic and career options best suited for the candidate. It also provides candidates with tips and techniques to work on their developmental areas.

Components of Program
  • Visual Perception
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Numerical
  • Auditory
  • Memory
  • Spatial
  • Convergent Thinking
  • Color Vision
  • Motor
  • Vocab


About Prism

This section will describe five personality aspects that, when combined, define the personality type: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics and Identity. Each of these aspects should be seen as a two-sided continuum, with the “neutral” option placed in the middle. The percentages you would have seen after completing the test are meant to show which categories you fall under, and how strong your preferences are.

There were four possible pairs of personality traits: PROJECTIVE TESTING


These are designed to check out what sorts ofactivities appeal to you in order to relate these in structuredway to different sorts of activities. These tests shouldhelp you select work in which you are going to be interestedso that you enjoy what you do.

The VIBE is astandardized psychometric tool for assessingpersonality on four main parameters andknowing ones compatibility patterns with others.It is specially designed to help people interprettheir own unique personality traits, which alsoincidentally, play a vital role in nurturing a healthyand a fruitful relationship with others aroundthem. It is even proven that being well-versedwith your own personality can help youstrengthen your bond with people. This Tool alsoacts as a Selection Tool to aid one in choosingthe right career path.