Our Product

Clone Algo software is available to the retail client through registered and regulated brokers in three steps and it is also available to hedge fund manager.

Three Steps to Start Trading

Step One

Visit Google Play Store or Apple

App Store to download the Clone Algo Application


Step Two

Through the app, Open Account with the registered and Regulated Broker

  • Algo Markets
  • Best Trade Limited
  • Zentrum Limited

Step Three

Follow the email instructions sent by your broker and fund your account through your broker.

  • Assess the Suitability of an Algorithm
  • Track the Algorithm live until you decide which one you want

Retail clients can simply monitor their trading performance through mobile application. It is available in both Apps store (Apple) and Google Play (Android).

    Our turnkey solutions give Brokers and Hedge fund managers the advantage of auto execution and access to sophisticated analytical tools, thus taking profit potential to the next level. The Clone Algo Technology Platform delivers an execution management infrastructure that increases efficiency and facilitates a fully automated workflow.


    “As a retail client, you can register for a trading account 'NOW' or 'Contact Us' if you are a broker or hedge fund manager looking to employ our technology. We customise AI algorithm trading to your needs”

    Value propostion of Clone Algo app

    - Make artificial Intelligence enhanced algorithm trading available to everyone at an affordable price

    - Artificial intelligence algorithms execute and manage risk automatically

    -Proven results, used to manage over US$1 billion fund

    - Little monitoring or expertise needed.

    - Generates passive income 24 hours a day, 6 days a week

    - Minimum capital required, US$10,000 onwards

    - Capital used by selected algorithms can be insured against losses

    - Tradable markets: FX, Futures, Contract for differences(CFD), Shares, Crude oil and Gold, with more markets to be added

    Advantage of using AI Algo Trading

    AI algo trading can achieve performance consistency:

    - Operates on a set of rules without greed, fear, ego or bias

    - Monitors the markets 24 hours a day

    - Identifies and reacts to opportunities faster

    - Consistently carries out the trading plan

    - Executes trades error-free

    - Trades simultaneous multiple positions with different time frames


    Our Clients (Hedge funds and investment firms)

    - Brillance Capital Management

    - Vostok Funds

    - Treasures Spring Holding Limited

    - Clarion Capital Limited

    - Expert Talent Limited

    - Megatron Capital Limited

    - Indo Strategies

How have our clients performed?

2013 performance by Retail Algo clients (Product offered via Brokers)

The Market Potential


Our technology is disruptive to the wealth management, asset management, and insurance industries because we can:

- Deliver low volatility returns that are consistent over time

- Insure trading capital for wealth management clients

- Significantly outperform the traditional wealth and asset management performance in multi period comparisons

- Automate trades and profit generation for wealth clients while lowering a bank’s operational costs and cost of capital

- Banks and asset managers will progressively turn to algorithm trading as these performance attributes become the new normal for the industry

Structured Products for Banks

- Daily Liquidity Notes

- Weekly Liquidity Notes

- Capital Guaranteed Notes

- High Yield Notesl

- Banks and asset managers will progressively turn to algorithm trading as these performance attributes become the new normal for the industry