Investor Relations

Clone Algo Inc.
We are a technology company specializing in Algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence. We usher in the 2nd Generation of Social Media and have a Transaction-Based Revenue Model compared to an Advertising Based Revenue Model.
Clone Algo App- The Social Trading Revolution
Clone Algo helps users create passive income by using artificial intelligence & algorithms, via a mobile App. Through science and innovation we enable our customers to meet the current and future needs of Income.
Reasons to invest in Clone Algo Inc.
  • * We combine economic success with social responsibility.
  • * #1 Social trading technology company – uniquely positioned with broad market access.
  • * Superior growth opportunities: through innovation, sustainability and emerging markets.
  • * Long-term value creation based on a sound balance sheet and financial strength.
  • * Value-based management to ensure our team works efficiently towards set goals.
  • * Our team has over 100,000 man hours of experience in research and development of timing technologies and risk management systems.
  • * Wider audience approval as Clone Algo removes time, experience and emotional control barriers.
  • * Also provides:
    • - Risk Management System.
    • - Trading Floor, Prop and Asset Manager Solutions.
    • - Hedge Funds.
    • - ECN Liquidity.
  • * Clone Algo Inc. Revenue (estimated) - US$2500/year/user.
  • * Increasing growth of Clone Algo user base.
Service to our Shareholders.
  • * Create an effective two-way communication path between our company, the financial community and other constituencies.
  • * Keep all shareholders up-to-date on our companies policies and financial strategies while holding high standards of corporate governance.
  • * Regular and open communication with all capital market participants.
  • * Publish an integrated annual report focusing on both financial as well as sustainability data and information.
  • * Host one-on-one meetings and road shows to provide information to Shareholders.