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KNAXA EDUCATION we enlighten. we inspire. we excel.


Our evaluation system encompasses cognitive,logical and emotional intelligence.


We have delivered several tests using our online technology platform alone.


We have followed inductive reasoning approach based on search for pattern from observations and deriving explanations.


We evaluate not only on the basis of scores but we also keep in mind other potentials of a candidate.

Assessment Program

Assessment is a process-oriented activity aimed atgathering a wide array of information by using assessment measures.We then evaluate and integrate this information to reach a conclusion ormake a decision to understand the ability of an individual and designdevelopment areas, make apt career choices and design individualcourse of action. It involves customized online assessments whichcomprises of all areas of personality, behavior, aptitude, and logicalreasoning assessment to evaluate the individual potential.

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What We Do?

  • Coaching

    It is an effective tool for developing a candidates abilities and skills which helps in overcoming challenges on daily basis thereby boosting his performance.

  • Counseling

    It is tool for identification and handling the difficulties and its factors.

  • Mentoring

    It is a relationship between the "mentor" and the "mentee." As a mentor, we pass on valuable skills, knowledge and insights to our mentee to help them identify and evolve their career.

  • Aptitude Assessment

    An aptitude test is any type of assessment test that evaluates the talent/ability/potential of a person to perform a certain task irrespective of any no prior knowledge and/or training.

  • Personality Assessment

    The assessment specialist seeks to define,measure and co-relate personality traits of a candidate with the social elements.

  • Career Choosing

    It helps to recognise action and working of a candidate that are associated to his/her future occupations.

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Why Choose Us? Here’s the best part of our impressive services


It consists of tailoring a service or a product as per interest of an individuals or groups of individuals.


It is a process to solicit information from every section of any field or profession.

Personal Approach

We offer 1-1 interaction and guidance on a person's behavioural,social and health problems.


We thrive on the aim to provide maximum satisfaction to our client demand.

Our Products Skill Assessment Program - SAP


It is an aptitude test which helps discover the innate strengths and capabilities of an individual to perform a particular task.


A personality test designed to reveal an individual's character or psychological makeup.


It is a face to face interaction which further helps a candidate to define his goal based upon his/her aptitude and/or personality traits.

IQ Test

I.Q. is an assessment of one's ability to think and reason. IQ score is a standardized way of comparing one's intellectual capacity with the majority of people the same age as you are.

Testimonials & Team Members

"KNAXA is the best Career Assessment Program which enable students to unravel the real talents, aptitudes and interests, which in turn helps them to choose suitable career options.We thank you for choosing us as your team members and we feel honoured to be part of KNAXA team and to help students to explore their potential to fullest.We hope our experience and guidance will help build better future of young generations."- Department of Psychology,Association of Medical Colleges,Punjab.

"We feel deligted to be a part of KANAXA Education.As KNAXA is the only product in the market which allow you to track the progress of a potenital candidate from start to finish.Typically the candidate goes through three phases in this assessment test.It is an excellent medium through which the students are empowered to understand their own aptitudes, abilities as well as their personalities." - Faculty of Psychology and Career Services, Thapar University,Patiala

Er. Nakul Gupta

Nakul Gupta is a Symbiosis alumnus, with over 3 years of accomplished business management and leadership experience spanning a wide spectrum of large MNCs to start-ups. He has launched and managed many winner brands.

KNAXA is a scientific research and educational organization with two primary commitments: to study human abilities and to provide people with knowledge of their aptitudes that will help them derive more satisfaction from their lives by discovering their natural potential.

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