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Your 'hidden' ability

All of us have so much ability that never gets used! In most cases, we are not aware of all we can do. If we are, we may not know how we can best apply it. People who are happy and successful have learnt to use their ability and, probably, keep rediscovering aspects of it. There is, of course, no obligation to use your ability. On theother hand, frustration is often an indication that we have ability that we are not using effectively. All of us go through moments of self-doubt. Often, people ask, ‘What might I have become ifI had had different opportunities?’ The advantage of objective tests is that they may suggest areas in which you could succeed, even though you have not yet had any experience of them. Also, they may reassure you that you may have a lot more to offer than you might suppose. If you are failing in a certain area in which the test results suggest you should be doing well, something must be going wrong. Psychologists are used to look for reasons for misalignment between performance and a person’s true ability. .

Why ability is not always readily obvious:

  • The way you were taught did not suit you. A teaching method brings out the best in one person, but ‘turns off’ another. Similarly, pupils do better with a teacher they like.

  • Your mental, social or emotional development was not yet ready for you to do your best. In all these areas, peopledevelop at different rates. You might have missed out because you were not ready at the time.

  • Your own attitude worked against you. For all sorts of possible reasons, you chose not to use your ability. Possibly you did not really try because ‘there would be no point’.