career by choice.not by chance.

What is KNAXA?

KNAXA is a scientific research and educational organization with two primary commitments: to study human abilities and to provide people with knowledge of their aptitudes that will help them derive more satisfaction from their lives by discovering their natural potential. Our approach to understanding the individual has continued to evolve from the past fifteen years. We are always conducting research to improve our aptitude measures, discover new aptitudes, and enhance our ability to interpret aptitude test scores for our clients and the public at large. We keep in touch through bulletins and follow-ups with our examinees and we test workers in diverse occupational groups to help us better understand aptitude patterns.

Our psychometric tools provide a wide range of assessments catering to individuals from all walks of life. We have scientifically designed tests for a range of individuals, right from adolescents in schools to adults in the corporate sector at the CXO level. Knowing oneself well at every stage of life aids one in achieving success in family, work, and social life. Also, the tests are flexible, as they can be effortlessly customized to suit your requirements. These tools not only bring in necessary changes in a person, but also instill Success Habits in him. For sustainable success, the assessment reports become more effective with Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring for further Handholding

Our Mission

Since its inception, KNAXA has had two goals: to further—by research, tests, measurements, publications, and teaching—an understanding of human beings and of their actions, both as individuals and in groups, and to make the results available to the public; and to collect data in connection with the activities to be conducted and then to explain the significance of such data, and to disseminate the knowledge so acquired. Afterwards we suggest them the ideal career they should choose so as to achieve success in their life. This recommended path will definitely be fit for the individual and suits his interest as well. Through our testing program, clients learn about their particular set of natural traits which then empowers them to make educated choices about school and work. Through our research, publications, and presentations, we contribute to a wider understanding of humans as individuals.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to achieving academic success and emotional wellbeing for our students. We constantly strive to improve learning outcomes for all students to equip them with the skills to become active engaged citizens of the 21st Century. The improvement of literacy and numeracy outcomes through high expectations and focused explicit teaching continues to be a priority for our school. Technology is being embedded into our teaching and learning programs. I want children to be successful in life, not just in school. I want children to be innovators of the future. I want children to learn empathy I want children to be prepared for a future where not only can they handle challenges, but they can bring about change in the social order so future generations do not have to face the same difficulties.

What We Do?

Our basic motto is that we acknowledge you about your real talent and skills by conducting aptitude and IQ tests. These standardized tests & benchmarks evaluate a candidate's key cognitive abilities and hence give an overview about his or her potential and calibre. In this way the child will get the ideal career which suits him best and is according to his will.

Why We Do?

At times, young minds are in chaos that what is the right path they should choose so as to reach at the position they deserve or to achieve triumph in their life. They can't introspect in their soul and hence can’t find what is the right choice for them. So we do this selfless service to assist you to opt for the ideal career.

How We Do?

  • Conducting Assessment Test
  • Finding the natural traits
  • Performing 1-1 interation round
  • Matching result with research based solutions